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Is Exo-Q a market research supplier?

No. Exo-Q offers procurement and auditing of market research projects but isn’t a supplier of such. 

Will clients need to involve Exo-Q in future projects?

No. Exo-Q clients are always free to decide wether to involve Exo-Q or not. 

Is Exo-Q only for companies without an inhouse team of market researchers?

No. Even companies with existing inhouse expertise in market research will profit from Exo-Q. Reasons to involve Exo-Q include special project needs or to relieve the team’s workload

Who executes the project?

Exo-Q clients commission the research supplier directly. The research supplier executes the study. 

Exo-Q audits the progress of the project, if requested (e. g. review of the questionnaire, data integrity, review of the reports, the dashboard and the recommendation). 

Will Exo-Q add time and costs to your projects?

No. On the contrary, there will be gains in time and cost both for Exo-Q’s client and the research supplier.

The Exo-Q client will be unburdened from

  • writing briefings,
  • handling checks and inquiries,
  • distributing information to all contenders and
  • from evaluating survey designs. 

The research supplier will easily be able to submit a proposal because he can rely on

  • a precise and comprehensive requests and 
  • an accomplished survey design

What’s in it for research suppliers?

Exo-Q brings along interesting new clients. Exo-Q is free for research suppliers. There is no obligation to involve Exo-Q in any future projects. Submitting a propoposal is free of hazzles because suppliers receive a precise and comprehensive RFQ.  

Why doesn’t Exo-Q accept payments from research suppliers?

Exo-Q works like a lawyer for its clients. The selection of a research supplier depends on nothing but the project requirements. To avoid conflicts of interest, Exo-Q doesn’t receive any payments from research suppliers.

Will Exo-Q increase your budget?

No. On the contrary Exo-Q will protect its clients from overdimensioned projects. Exo-Q clients might even be recommended not to execute a project at all if we find that the results will be in no reasonable relation to the costs. 

Because Exo-Qs fees are hourly rates, the costs are independent from the overall project volume. That’s why Exo-Q is able to operate independent from the suppliers’ own economic interests. 

Exo-Q’s payment model

Exo-Q charges by hourly rates. Exo-Q reports its costs in real-time so that its clients have full and undelayed cost control. 

What’s a typical time volume?

While there are smaller projects with less than an hour for quick reviews or clarifications, most projects reach from 5 to 15 billable hours

What’s the hourly rate?

Please contact us for ratecard. 

Who is my contact person at Exo-Q?

You will work directly with Dr. Stefan Niebrügge (more details here).

Is a first call or first meeting free?


Will Exo-Q recommend NOT to execute a market research project when it appears to be of no value?

Yes. If Exo-Q concludes that a present market research goal is unachievable by market research or if market research will probably not be able to contribute to the client’s goals, Exo-Q certainly will point that out clearly. 
This might be the case if the sample is unreachable for market research or if client data cannot be used due to data protection regulations. 
A full-stop to a project at an early stage might save immensely on effort and costs. Exo-Q  by design is in the position to give a full-stop recommendation in complete neutrality and independent from any stakeholder because its fees do not depend on the overall project volume.