Exo-Q makes market research less expensive, safer and faster.

You’re planning a market research study without being an expert?

  • You want to be able to design and discuss a complex service such as a market research project at eye level with the suppliers. 

Exo-Q is your entry to market research. 

  • Give Exo-Q a call and you’ll instantly learn everything you need to know to move on: Feasibility, time, costs.
  • Exo-Q doesn’t cost much because Exo-Q only acts at two crucial project stepts, procurement and auditing.  
  • Exo-Q reduces your overall costs which lets you focus on the results and its implications. 

Exo-Q acts like a lawyer for its clients.

  • Exo-Q exclusively works for market research buyers and receives no payments from research suppliers. 
  • Exo-Q’s fees are independent from the overall project volume. We designed our fees in this way to protect you from over dimensioned projects without hurting our own income. 
  • Exo-Q charges hourly rates: transparent, easy to monitor and up-to-date in realtime. 

Exo-Q speaks the suppliers’ lingo.

Exo-Q doesn’t execute the projects but rather chooses the suitable supplier who are able to provide the expertise and methods required.

Exo-Q writes precise briefings and survey designs which minimizes the suppliers’ effort and costs – an advantage that Exo-Q will directly pass to its clients. 

Exo-Q manages the entire procument process: Briefing, check backs, processing and condensing the proposals, negotiation, recommendation.

If requested, Exo-Q audits the crucial project steps (e.g. review of the questionnaire, review of the report/ result dashboard). 

For a market research supplier, Exo-Q means frictionless communication, small effort, interesting new clients.